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Bringing tastes together.

At Ensemble Kitchen, there's nothing we love more than serving up discovery by giving you new ways to try new things. There's too much flavor in the world to stick to just one menu. That's why we seek out the best tastes and most craveable dishes from places like Ted’s Bulletin, Federalist Pig, Sidekick bakery and Honeymoon — and bring them all together, for you.

Our way. Freshly made.

Ensemble Kitchen is led by a team of dedicated chefs and pitmasters who developed some of our favorite dishes at Ted's Bulletin, Federalist Pig, Sidekick Bakery, and Honeymoon. Together they smoke, roast, griddle, toss, and bake the entire menu on-site, daily. The same recipe, ingredients, and processes found in each restaurant, made in one kitchen, just for you.

Meet the menu: