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Pizza TBD is our first incubator brand at Ensemble Digital Kitchen, developed by Culinary Director Vincent Griffith. Guests can try Pizza TBD pies before the brand is fully “cooked” (hence the TBD moniker). Each pizza begins with a generous serving of hand-mixed Roman style dough spread in a Lloyd Detroit-Style Pan, topped sauce made from single-origin San Marzano Tomatoes from Italy, and a healthy layer of Classic Tillamook Sharp White Cheddar, a product made from a 100-year-old award winning recipe and naturally aged over a period of two years. Before entering the hand-built Castelli Forni ovens, each pie is topped with premium, fresh ingredients and the result is a pizza that explodes with flavor. The aerated artisanal dough offers a much lighter texture than the typical dense crust of a Detroit-style pizza, but a similar crispy exterior.

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